2006 Free Software List

Originally From the Triangle Area Coldufusion User Group. I copied this so I wouldn't lose it. I use highlight/italic on the stuff I actually have used and think is worth checking out...

Who needs to pirate software with a list like this?

3D Graphics:

Anti-Virus: (All junk IMHO, Use Linux, OSX, etc or Be Careful)

Anti Spyware:(Be Careful and don't load spyware)

Audio Creation

Audio Players:

Audio Tools:

CD/DVD Burning: (buy NERO)

Compression / Decompression:

Defrag Software:

Desktop Enhancements: (Mostly Junk)

Download managers: (Use Firefox)

Encryption and data security:

File Managers:

File repair and recovery:

Firewalls: (More Junk)

FTP Clients: (people still use FTP?)

FTP Servers:

HTML Editors: (Buy Dreamweaver)

Image viewers:

Instant Messengers:

Internet Explorer Front-Ends: (Wake up and use FIREFOX)

IRC Clients:

Mail programs:

Anti-spam programs: (USE Thunderbird above)

Network Tools: (Buy OSTRONET for various simple things)

Office Suite:

Partition Managers:

PDF Utilities:

Photo manipulation and image design:

Programming: (Coldfusion myself...)

Pop-up Blockers: (use Firefox)

RSS Readers: (use Firefox)

System Information and monitoring:

Video codecs:

Video players :

Video tools:

Web browsers:

Web servers:

Webcam Software:

Checksum Utilities:

General Utilities And Other Applications:

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