The Problem With Microsoft

Microsoft is in a bad way and it shows in their products. I posted this on another blog, the Internet Outsider during a discussion of Googles over-inflated stock price. I thought it was good, so here it is...

  • Why buy Office when I can use Open Office?
  • Why buy Office when I can use Google Office?
  • Why buy MS OS when I just use the Internet?
  • My kids don't buy games and load them on the PC anymore, they play sophisticated flash games across the internet. My kids have sat down at an Ubuntu machine and not even realized they weren't on a MS OS.
  • Why invest in MS when all they have are promises about the next generation and nothing to show for it today?
  • Why should I develop stuff for MS OS when all they do is compete with me if I become too successful?
  • Why should I pay MS a licensing fee to load MS stuff on my hardware when my customer doesn't care as long as my device works?

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