Facebook Has A Coldfusion Group

I continue to monitor my college age son and his friends using Facebook while learning more about what makes sites like Facebook tick. I joined the Coldfusion group. I was glad to see that there is interest in Coldfusion. It seems like all you hear about is PHP, Ruby, Java, etc...

Coldfusion may not be perfect, but it certainly is dependable and easy to use. It takes a minute to learn, but a lifetime to master. It will be interesting to see where Adobe takes it. Hopefully, not to the trash bin.


One To Watch, MA Governor-Elect Names MS Anti-ODF Lobbyist to Technology Advisory Group

Heads rolled when the CIO of MA suggested that government should save their computer files into formats that are open to everybody. For a good run down on this situation, check CIO MAGAZINE's coverage of the issue.

So, who is Mr. Brian Burke? According to Fels Institute of Government at the University of Pennsylvania,:

Mr. Brian Burke is the Northeast Regional Government Affairs Director for
Microsoft Corporation in New England. Prior to joining Microsoft, Mr.
Burke was the Director of Policy Outreach on the Kerry/Edwards Presidential
campaign and Senior Counsel at Holland & Knight, LLP. Mr. Burke served
in several senior government positions in the Clinton Administration, including,
Senior Policy Analyst on the White House Domestic Policy Council, Deputy
Undersecretary of Agriculture, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army
and Counselor to then Secretary of Energy, Bill Richardson. Brian is a
graduate of Brown University and the Georgetown University Law Center.


Ski Resorts near Bozeman, Montana:

Distances listed are direct linear distances from the center of the metro area to the ski areas listed, actual driving distance is longer.


Al Jazeera English TV goes live

Al Jazeera TV is now available in english. It isn't (yet) broadcast and is only available over the Internet (currently).

Alternative Voice or Propoganda?

My guess is it's propoganda since it seems like most U.S. news is commercials. I'll wait till the next world crises and then tune in.

It looks like they are offering a "Free Trial" version but that you need to pay for higher quality video (sorry, no HDTV?)


Astroturfing: Word Of The Day

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In politics and advertising, the term astroturfing describes formal public relations (PR) campaigns which seek to create the impression of being a spontaneous, grassroots behavior. Hence the reference to the "AstroTurf" (artificial grass) is a metaphor to indicate "fake grassroots" support.

In 2001, the Los Angeles Times accused Microsoft of astroturfing when hundreds of similar letters were sent to newspapers voicing disagreement with the United States Department of Justice and its antitrust suit against Microsoft. The letters, prepared by Americans for Technology Leadership, had in some cases been mailed from deceased citizens or nonexistent addresses.[1][2][3] (USA Today Microsoft funded 'grass roots' campaign)

So why do I bring this up now? I stumbled upon the appropriately named "The Hive". This is the place for true believers. Don't believe me? read the comments to this post about Zune. A little over the top. My favorite is "I didn't want the Zune at first but now I do. " Man, that was an easy sale.

Here is a comic proudly displayed on the site that makes it clear where you stand.

MS folks seem to be a little sensitive these days.


Flash Based Desktop

They just keep getting better. From Techcrunch;
"YourMinis is a Flash-based customizable
homepage product that will compete for users with a number of similar products
that use Ajax - Netvibes, Pageflakes, Google, Live.com
and more.
This was launched by a startup called Goowy,
which created a flash-based productivity suite (email, calendar, IM, etc.) last
year - see here for our Goowy