Social Software Not For Everyone

Vitamin's Ryan Carson just wrote a piece about why he doesn't use Social Software. He basically says he's too busy.

Facebook is the only on-line service that has it right at such a complicated level. They have a nice group of services (blog, photo, notes, calendar, groups, friends) and a decent one stop interface to follow along.

The secret is that all the services write a "story" which is aggregated into a continious story of your on-line life.

I'll have to see how well integrated they are with Google Personalized Home Page and MyYahoo.

Facebook is cool.

Facebook is open to everyone now so I created a facebook account. It is very impressive work. It's a shame the advertising is so lame.

Jeff McNaughton's Facebook profile


Free Music

SpiralFrog plans on giving away a huge amount of music for free. It will be in Windows Media Format and uses MS DRM to protect the music. You will have to contact their web site periodically to make sure the music works and you won't be able to share it. As a result, nobody will use it.