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Web Design Tips As Cliche's

  1. Be, the visitor (in best Chevy Chase as Ty Webb voice)
    What is it they want anyhow?
  2. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple S)
    Don't Add To Many Features
  3. Content Is King
    One of my favorites and so true.
  4. Details, Details, Details
    All the elements should work together. (graphics, colors, layout, navigation, and content)
  5. Pave the way
    Navigation and Organization are key.

Inspired by Prone Advertising.

Here is some more good advise on web design at Application Generation

  1. Navigation
    Decide on Navigation and Stick To It
  2. Scale
    Large sites need secondary navigation
  3. Consistency
    Keep Navigation Consistent
  4. Similarity
    Use conventions people are familiar with.
  5. Design in the limits of HTML
    HTML has limitiations. Don't fight them.
  6. Screen Resolution
    These change. Think about it.
  7. Design Navigation for Flexibility
    Create a site map.
  8. Design Layout for Flexibility
    Usually have landing page layout, and a content page layout.

Summary: Get a sitemap, decide on a navigation approach, agree a screen resolution and remember that you don’t control the length of the pages.


See What's Next

Most of the major software / internet players have sites where they preview new development. Here's a short list worth checking out.

Google Labs,

Microsoft Live Labs,

Yahoo Next

Adobe Labs

IE7 big improvement

Used IE7 all day yesterday, testing sites etc. It's a big improvement over IE6 (originally released in 2001). It will be pushed out in "updates" in November so everyone (who gets the updates automatically) will have it soon.

Of course, it's limited to windows, doesn't have the selection of exstenions Firefox has, the phishing filter sends info to MS, etc.etc.etc. But at least it's usable.


MS Internet Explorer 7 released

It's here and it looks exactly like Firefox. I suspect traditional MSIE users will be completely lost. Firefox user's will be pleased. Will it lead Firefox users back to MS or will it lead MS users to Firefox ? Of course, it's not Firefox . No extensions. And the phishing filter just sends all your viewing habits to microsoft (feel safer now).


The Problem With Microsoft

Microsoft is in a bad way and it shows in their products. I posted this on another blog, the Internet Outsider during a discussion of Googles over-inflated stock price. I thought it was good, so here it is...

  • Why buy Office when I can use Open Office?
  • Why buy Office when I can use Google Office?
  • Why buy MS OS when I just use the Internet?
  • My kids don't buy games and load them on the PC anymore, they play sophisticated flash games across the internet. My kids have sat down at an Ubuntu machine and not even realized they weren't on a MS OS.
  • Why invest in MS when all they have are promises about the next generation and nothing to show for it today?
  • Why should I develop stuff for MS OS when all they do is compete with me if I become too successful?
  • Why should I pay MS a licensing fee to load MS stuff on my hardware when my customer doesn't care as long as my device works?