Mac OS X better than Vista

I've been using MS products for about 20 years. It has been sad to watch them waste their market position on legal battles and marketing instead of real innovation. Unfortunately, they did everything they could to preserve their position by trying to lock you into their products with gimicks. While it might actually be possible, computers are not Shick razors and they continue to evolve. My feeling is the P.C. is dead and that the age of appliance computing is quickly arriving. Appliances along with the Internet, Open Standards, and On-Line Services (like Flickr) will be the new paradigm.

Here's how Information Week sums up the difference.
In a nutshell, Vista vs. Mac OS X is Revolution vs. Evolution. It's about a massive, long-delayed upgrade that has to account for almost 6 years of progress by its competitors, versus a well-executed strategy of regular updates. While updating an operating system is never something that can be called easy, Apple's strategy has been the better one for keeping their OS on top of things, something Microsoft has admitted to in a roundabout way.

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