Who is "Stuart J. Johnston" and why should I care about his opinion.

I have been facinated by the Microsoft Public Relations machine as they attempt to make Vista be anything but a huge flop. Sure, there is residual momentum and Vista will sell. But at this point, I'm not sure it will ever replace XP. Personally, I'm upgrading to Mac.

So who is this guy? Does he consider himself a journalist or does he just copy and paste whatever Microsoft sends him? Granted, the piece that got me going was ENT news titled: Windows Vista To Launch a Day Early. My favorite part was...

Despite the excitement and pent-up demand, Microsoft's celebratory
gathering cannot come close to this week's New Year's Eve celebration in Times
Square that drew at least a million attendees. Public relations spin or not,
lines around the block to buy Vista at midnight won't be able to hold a candle
to that.

WOW, the spin starts here!!! (that should probably be all caps and each letter in a different color).

His bio at Redmon Mag says:

Stuart J. Johnston has covered technology, especially Microsoft, since February
1988 for InfoWorld, Computerworld, Information Week, and PC World, as well as
for Enterprise Developer, XML & Web Services, and .NET magazines.

I couldn't find anything that old, but we'll take Redmond's word that he is a seasoned veteran.

Interestingly, He often writes about bugs. But there always seems to be the mention of bugs in other products of competitive interest (like ipods and flash).

In looking over his writing, it also looks like Microsoft may start calling XP buggy in order to make Vista look more attractive.

Good Luck Mr. Johnston.

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