10 Ways to Make Money On-Line

From Web Worker Daily:

  • Offer your professional expertise in an online marketplace.
  • Sell photos on stock photography sites
  • Blog for pay (get paid as a writer)
  • Or start your own blog network (hire the writers and do the sales)
  • Provide service and support for open source software
  • Online life coaching
  • Virtually assist other web workers
  • Build services atop Amazon Web Services
  • Write reviews for pay or perks
  • Become a virtual gold farmer in World of Warcraft

CBC Report on Internet in '93

Pure, Clear, Free, Information

It's almost too perfect. Is it real or is it a fake? If it is a fake, it really is a good one..


Most Entertaining Comments

RedOrbit reports that

"NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has captured for the first time enough light from planets outside our solar system, known as exoplanets, to identify signatures of molecules in their atmospheres. The landmark achievement is a significant step toward being able to detect possible life on rocky exoplanets and comes years before astronomers had anticipated."

The story is good and it's fascinating news if not a bit technical, but what's funny are the comments.


TypeNow has a lot of fonts

Typenow has a lot of fonts. Some commercial, and some free. Check out the Free Themed Fonts.

You know you want to use the Battlestar font.


Big Sky Stuff

I have some cool photo's from my Big Sky trip. I put together some things using Zazzle. I like the grey t-shirt.

Whatever you do, Do Not Click This

HA HA, You Clicked.

Like the bus stop signs that say "Who Me? I never read bus signs", "Don't Click" has an interesting Flash based site that removes the "click" and activates everything in other ways. It is a fascinating experience and surprisingly fluid. The experience is broken up by surprise polls and information.

So whatever you do, Do Not Click This


Chaucer Rulz, Whan that April with his showres soote

I don't know who Jurgen9 is but he makes t-shirts related to Chaucer and Medieval Liturature. I read Chaucer and Shakespearein high school and remember them fondly. This t-shirt really caught my eye because it combines Medieval Liturature with 90's gaming. How can you beat that?

Whan that April with his showres soote
The droughte of March hath perced to the roote,
And bathed every veine in swich licour,
Of which vertu engendred is the flowr;


beryl on edgy

WOW! installed beryl on edgy and it is mighty impressive. It definitely perks up the desktop and the spinning cube multiple desktop actually is useful. When you spin the cube, the windows are lifted off the surface so you can see the stack order.

Here are some YouTube videos on Beryl. You'll see that its highly customizable.



My Kids Love Ubuntu

When my XP box died and I couldn't get office etc. to install due to licensing issues, I moved to Ubuntu 5.1. It worked and the kids liked it but something went wrong (bad hard drive I think). Anywho, the box sat for a while and I just got around to downloading Ubuntu 6.1. WOW! Ubuntu has gotten even better.

It's still linux so getting the latest NVIDIA installed and working is not push button easy. But I can't wait to try XGL/Compiz. Unfortunately, my daughter was very excited about Ubuntu being back. So she's in the interweb playing some flash games.


zPhone, Zune Phone Picture

Hot of creating a WOW experience with their music player, and trying to keep up with Apple, Microsoft is planning the release of the zPhone or Zune Phone.

Hervé Villechaize will be in the commercials declaring "Zee Phone, Zee Phone".