Top 10 Pointers on How To Fly the Flytech Dragonfly

  1. Get one at Radioshack, they're a blast. (They'll be available at other stores soon)
  2. Read the instructions!!! They are actually very good. Especially the part on charging.
  3. Don't even bother flying if its windy. Try at dusk, the wind tends to die down.
  4. Don't give it full power, half was good for "level" flight. And keep the controller on "Beginner mode".
  5. Lauch with the "TAIL" horizontal to the ground, the nose actually looks like it's going up.
  6. Don't throw it when you launch, it will flutter away (that's in the instructions but it's hard to resist giving it a little toss on launch.)
  7. It tends to rock when flying in a straight line, I think it means its over or under powered when the rocking motion starts.
  8. To stop the rocking, hit the rudder (turn) as it nose climbs and give it a little more power, it flys better in a turn.
  9. Full Throttle in a turn, you go higher, lower throttle and you drop.
  10. Have Fun!

Long Version:

Go get one. Radioshack has the Flytech Dragonfly now, but other stores will carry it soon. I got one for my son for his birthday. O.K., I got one for me and gave it to my son, whatever. Our first encounters were frustrating. The Dragonfly needs very calm air and a reasonable amount of room (especially when learning). We have discovered that the dusk is the best time to fly. The air is calm and the LED eyes make it that more entertaining. Keep the controller on "Beginner".

Launch it by giving it 50% power and holding the TAIL horizontal to the ground. The instructions say hold the Dragonfly horizontal but the body shape makes that unclear. Hold the tail horizontal and the nose looks like it is going slightly up to me. But just let go and it will flutter away.

Flying it is not straight forward. It is not a plane and doesn't climb and dive like a plane. When flying in a straight line, it tends to do a dipsy doodle move. It climbs, stalls, and dives forward. I believe it does this when over powered and maybe when under powered. To get it to stop this sea sick rocking, hit the rudder hard and give it a little more power as the nose goes up. The Dragonfly actually flies best in a turn. Once turning, give it a little more power to climb and a little less power to lose altitude.

Have Fun !

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Great pointers!

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