Boris Kobe's Tarot Cards from Allach Concentration Camp

Amazing that such things can be created in such circumstances.

Boris Kobe (1905 - 1981) – Slovenian architect and painter was a political prisoner at the concentration camp of Allach, a sub-camp of Dachau.


Oudler said...

The article unfortunately fails to put these cards in their proper context. The author seems to be unfamiliar with Tarot decks used as card games.

This deck is based on a conventional Austrian style Tarot (or Tarock) design in which the trumps and court cards are double figured and the suit signs are hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs.

This type of Tarot deck is not used for the occult or for divination. It is only used for playing Tarot/Tarock card games.

I am also dissapointed that the "all about the occult" link is a very biased anti-occult sermon which is unrelated to the type of Tarot (gaming, not fortune telling) depicted in the article. The article gives the unfortunate and false impression that these cards were used for the occult. Not all of Tarot is related to the occult or fortune telling. In fact, Tarot cards were originally designed in the 15th century for playing a card game and the fortune telling practices date no earlier than the 18th century.

Here is a link which I think better explains the cultural context of this type of Tarot deck.


James D. Wickson

Jeff McNaughton said...

Thanks for the information James.

I only skimmed the text and spent most of my time looking at the cards themselves. Beautiful and morbid all at the same time.