Dragonfly Still Fun

The DragonFly is still fun to mess with and surprisingly tough. It recharges fairly quickly and continues to entertain my son (and myself).

Check out mydragonfly.info for more comprehensive information.


Strange Ocean Worm

hmmm, what is that? Jay's Nemertean Worm? Jay Garbose Underwater Video shot this clip on 4/14/2007 on Juno Ledge in Palm Beach County. It is over 7 feet long. Water conditions: 73 F; 70-90 feet deep, 9:00 AM.



Best 50 Lures of All Time from Field and Stream [PICS]

Field and Stream has put together the top 50 lures of all time. Many familiar lures there. They also provide hints on proper use of some of the lures. Which is a good thing since some of them don't look like anything you have ever seen.

Here's the run down, but you have to see Field and Stream for the pics:
1: Curly Tail Grub
2: Dardevle Spinnie
3: Rapala
4: Mepps Aglia
5: Johnson Silver Minnow
6: Slug-Go
7: Zara Spook
8: Berkley Power Worm
9: Original Gitzit
10: Flatfish
11: Storm WildEye Swimbait
12: Rat-L-Trap
13: Terminator T-1 Spinnerbait
14: Gibbs Pencil Popper
15: Needlefish
16: Kastmaster
17 Krocodile
18: Little Cleo
19: Lucky Craft Flashminnow
20: Rooster Tail
21: Panther Martin
22: Cordell Red Fin
23: Swedish Pimple
24: Blue Fox Foxee Jig
25: Rebel Pop-R
26: K.O. Wobbler
27: FoodSource Minnow
28: Zoom Trick Worm
29: Rapala Shad Rap
30: Yamamoto Senko
31: Hopkins Shorty
32: Phoebe
33: Lucky Craft Splash-Tail 90
34: Al’s Goldfish
35: Hot Shot
36: Williams Wabler
37: Hula Popper
38: Jitterbug
39: Stanley Flat Eye Jig
40: Teeny Torpedo
41: Bagley Balsa B
42: Mann’s 1-Minus
43: Berkley Bat Wing Frog
44: Hula Grub
45: Snag Proof Frog
46: Lunker Lure Buzzbait
47: Culprit Tassel Lizard
48: Uncle Josh Pork Frog
49: Mepps Muskie Killer
50: Castaic Trout
Bonus Classic Lures: The Dardevle
Bonus Classic Lures: The Heddon Torpedo
Bonus Classic Lures: The Flatfish
Bonus Classic Lure: The Jitterbug
Bonus Classic Lures: The Johnson’s Silver Minnow


Dutch Ovens

Lodge Mfg. makes great Cast Iron Cookware.

Best Dutch Oven Web Site goes to: Byron's Dutch Oven Cooking Web Page!
  • Oven Care
  • Cooking Tips
  • Recipes
  • Photos
  • Links
  • and more...
The Mac Scouter has many recipes also.