Could this be a young bigfoot?

Check out these pictures taken by a trail camera. The first one is of some bear cubs. A few minutes later, something else wanders into range to investigate the scent and salt lick.

Taken with a Bushnell trail camera with infrared by R. Jacobs. There are reportedly more photos that haven't been released.


TOP TEN Digg Comments Summary:

mlostracco accurately describes all comments on Digg with the following TOP TEN LIST !!!!

  1. I see what you did there.

  2. lulz

  3. But will it blend?

  4. Pics or it didn't happen.

  5. Mirror?

  6. FAIL.

  7. You win the thread!

  8. Dugg!

  9. I found my new desktop.

  10. Fanboy


More World of Warcraft players than Farmers

There are four times as many Americans living in urban than rural areas. There are four times as many people sucking back coffee in New York city alone than make a living farming.


Free Email Without Registration

I never understood on-line email accounts that require you to have an email account to register? Handy for all those trolls and folks who don't actually own a computer and go to the library.

The answer today is simple, GMAIL no longer requires any email.