Reportedly CGI, but it's so realistic, I wonder if it is not actually a picture montage. Whatever it is, it is a little creepy.



Switching to ATT Uverse

I'm switching from Time Warner Road Runner / Cable to ATT Uverse. Here's my test of road runner using SpeedTest.net.

And here's the new test results on ATT U-Verse ...


Linux in the Office

mmmm, ubuntu... mmmmm, open office, goooooooood.....

Columbus, Ohio #1

Forbes names Columbus the #1 upcoming tech city.

Columbus, Ohio

In 1997, the Battelle Memorial Institute, Ohio's largest research center, based in Columbus, managed a single lab for the U.S. Department of Energy with an annual budget of $1 billion. A decade later, Battelle oversees seven major laboratories for different federal agencies; budget: $4 billion in research funds annually. The institute has become a force in almost every area of emerging technology, especially life sciences and energy research. One of its children, Velocys, is working on a way to cut the cost of capturing the 3 trillion cubic feet of the world's stranded natural gas by converting it into easily transportable liquid.

Empty Gesture

Could only be improved by placing on an SUV.


Some Reading on the User Interface

Here is a couple of takes on UI design in 2008. Both discuss the "Less Is More" approach.

UI at Read/Write web.

Getting Real at 37signals

Top 100 Sci Fi Books

Not sure I would rank Dune as the #1 sci fi book of all time, but a good list of books all the same.


Coldfusion wins Dr. Dobbs Award

ColdFusion is the winner of the Web Development category of the Dr. Dobbs 18th Annual Jolt Awards.


Even when Google loses, it wins....

Google doesn't care about Office. They'll be thrilled that there is more content on-line for their search engine to index.