Lowes BBQ Grillware

I've had my grill just over a year now and I really like it. But it has one serious problem. The charcoal grate doesn't let enough air in the bottom and doesn't let the ash fall away. I thought about modifying the rack, but instead, I just made a charcoal basket that lifts the charcoal off the bottom and lets the air flow through. Suddenly, the grill easily keeps a temperature of over 400 instead of struggling to get it up over 225.

Lowes, if your listening, this is a great grill with a minor modification. Get a new charcoal rack for this thing.


Kerri and Mike said...

Hi there. I have this exact same grill too.

Are you saying you built a basket that has holes in it so that the charcoal sits in a basket?

That is what mine has already. This is raisable and lowerable. I'm not I quite understand your "design modification?" Care to elaborate?

Jeff McNaughton said...

No problem, I posted some pics.

It's not exactly professional, but it worked really well. I do a turkey on the grill once a year and keeping a temperature for a long time is an issue.

Kerri and Mike said...

Thanks Jeff for the pictures. A picture = a thousand words, huh.

I like the idea a lot. It provides better undergrate air for sure.

I kinda scratched my head on the original design of the grill also. It seems to be "too few" holes, and not allowing enough air to hit the bottom of the wood/charcoal and probably "smothering" the briquettes a bit. I've had problems with temp controls, but I passed it off on poor overfire controls. I do pork ribs, and you need to maintain temp for 3-4 hours at 275-300 or so. Part of the problem is putting wet soaked hickory or wood on the coals and having it dry out then combust.

But then I wonder, how long do you get on your briquettes now? Same time as when you lay them directly on your shelf?

You've got my mind going now. Thanks.

Jeff McNaughton said...

I've just been using Kingsford since it burns steadily and I was having problems. But the Kingsford will burn 100% to ash and maintains 275 easily for 2 hours.

My problem now is keeping it from getting too hot.

The charcoal is still 275 after 2 hours and warm 3 to 4 hours later. I've been using fewer brickets and I figure adding a few after an hour or so should keep the temperature up longer.

I don't have any worries about cooking the turkey or ribs on it now.

The pan that ships with it doesn't work as far as I can tell. Not enough airflow coming from underneath.

Give it a try, I got the metal at Lowes for $12 and bent it by hand.

Anonymous said...

I have the stainless steel BBW Grillware Charcoal Grill. I got it from Lowes and I love it. Soon after I got it, I fixed 5-racks of Baby Back Ribs on it. To seer each side of the ribs I quickly got the grill to 650 degrees and afterwards by using the its air vents had no problem getting the temperature down to and keeping it at 350 degrees for the next 4.5 hours. When I was ready to put on the barbecue sauce, by using the grills air vents, I was able to drop the temperature to 250 degrees for the next hour. I have no problem with putting charcoal in the grill, or getting the ashes out. The ashes drop from the tray to the ash pan which pulls out and I can dump it. I just with I could get a warming rack for mine, for I like to use a warming rack for cooking corn on the cob, with husk still in tact, that has soaked in water for 4-hours.

I own two grills a gas grill that is as big as my charcoal grill, a charcoal smoker and a Dutch Oven table for cooking with my cast iron Dutch Ovens.

If anyone knows who makes BBQ Grillware, I'd like to write them and get a warming rack for mine.

Jeff McNaughton said...

Its made for Lowes by some chinese manufacturer.

Williams - Sonoma sells an up-market version so they may have a warming rack?

marcelo deoliveira said...

Hi Does anybody know where can I buy parts for this grill ??

Jeff McNaughton said...

Lowes and Williams-Sonoma or the only places I ever saw them sold so I would check there.

Just out of curiosity, did something break? Which part are you trying to replace?

Kathie said...

Hi we have this grill also. Our charcoal pan is just about gone and I cannot find a replacement for it. Our grill is in good shape except for the pan. Could anyone suggest how I might find one. I've looked at parts and have not had any luck.Please help!

Jeff McNaughton said...

If not seen any replacement parts. But it should be a simple matter to have a charcoal pan made. I live in Columbus Ohio and there are sheet metal companies and local guys who build BBQ's out of 50 gallon drums.

The pan removes easily. There are some pins that hold it in place. Just pull out the pins and it lifts right out. Take it to a metal shop or a custom BBQ maker and they should be able to fabricate one.

I haven't had any rust on mine. I keep it covered and I spray the interior and the cast iron exterior with some Pam occasionally to keep things oiled up.

I would also recommend you check with some real experts at a forum like The National Barbecue News: http://www.barbecuenews.com/forum/default.asp

I'm just a weekend hack. The folks at BBQ news will be much more knowledgeable and might know somebody in your area who can fabricate or repair your part.

Brian N said...

I also have the same unit and love it. I put a lg. pork butt on one end, put a couple of water soaked oak planks covered by charcoal on the other end along with a lg. handful of soaked chips on top. Inject the roast if you want. By shutting all of the vents down I get an initial temp of about 325-350. Go golfing and come back in about 6 hrs and the temp is around 225. Very tender and smokey.

Shelley said...

Does anyone know the model number for this grill? I need to order replacement grates and don't have that info. Thanks

Shelley said...
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keithleadfootjones said...

Hi BBQr's! The charcoal grate on my BBQ Grillware Charcoal grill rotted away after 2 seasons. After searching, unsuccessfully, for a replacement part I built my own grate. I used streched steel and angle iron and it is fantastic! The additional airflow through the coals allows me to get hotter temps when needed, easier ash clean-up, and this is not going to rust away any time soon. I'm trying to find out if there are enough people in need of these grates to make it worthwhile to build more of them. The cost would be around $65 plus shipping. If you would be interested let me know.

Maria said...

Hi Keith,
we would be interested of building one for us. Let me know I am going to email you as well.

Larry said...

Hello all, im looking for parts my charcoal tray is broken where can i order that ....

Jeff McNaughton said...

@Larry, Check the comments above by keithleadfootjones. His email is keithleadfootjones@yahoo.com

dgcraft said...

I had the same experience as Keith - the charcoal grate disintegrated within 2 years. I bought a replacement from Keith, and am now looking forward to getting a few more years out of this otherwise solid grill. Keith did a great job on the design of the replacement, it was easy to install, and I'm back in business!!