AVCHD and m2ts Video on Mac

You'd think with all the video done on Macs that there wouldn't be a problem in 2008. Just got a Macbook and Final Cut Express and it doesn't seem to want to import m2ts HD video files out of the box.

Marcel Fahle found a solution in the Squared 5 Converter but I didn't have any luck with it.

If you connect the camera to the Mac, it shows up as a hard drive. Final Cut Express can connect and import the videos using the Log and Transfer command under the File Menu.


Anonymous said...

did you get FCE to work regarding transfer and editing of Avchd?

If so what steps did you take and please pray tell share the wisdom.


Jeff McNaughton said...

The "Log and Transfer" (under the file menu?) is the only way to get the video into FCE. There's no native support for editing directly. You have to import it and recode it in the apple codec.

I use a Sony HD camera and it works fine. I'm burning to DVD and not worried about keeping it in HD right now. Even on DVD it looks great. I believe you can import, edit, and save in 1080i format.

The Apple web site has the information.