Lowes BBQ Grillware Modification

Here's the modification I made. It's not really a charcoal basket, just a bent piece of $12 metal. But it lifts the charcoal off the charcoal pan that ships with the grill, allows better airflow, and makes it easier for the ash to fall away.

I did it as a test to see if it worked and it worked so well that I don't have any plans to modify it any further. I can attain much higher temperatures and sustain them for hours.

You can see in the picture that the grate that ships with the grill only has holes spaced about an inch or so apart. It may be that by tediously placing each piece of charcoal between the holes you can get a better burn, but you are still left with the ash.

Click on the image to see a bigger version.

Adobe ColdFusion 8 Wins Best Web Services Solution

Is it cool to use CF again? Coldfusion 8 wins a Codie award and there is this glowing review in the Online Software Magazine.

Adobe ColdFusion 8 wins "Best Web Services Solution" as the solution that best connects disparate applications and data across an enterprise or between enterprises using web services standards such as SOAP, XML and WDSL. Includes Web services enabling technologies, infrastructure, middleware, system integration tools, etc.


Green Porno

An interesting way to get you to watch science. You might even learn something. Not sure it actually qualifies as pornography unless you are a bug.


Speed Racer, Everything you really need to know...

Watch the original first 13 episodes on Hulu.

Learn exciting details about Speed on Wiki. Like
did you know that G on his shirt was for Gō Mifune, his name in the original Japaneses version. And that the letters on the steering wheel actually represented the first letter of the "mode" they activated. A for Autojack, D for Deflector...

Check out the official 1967 Speed Racer site. Or the Speed Racer Movie (2008) site.


Go Speed Go !!! Speed Racer Is AWESOME !!!

Took my kids to see the Speed Racer movie and it was fantastic. Granted, I am the target market for this movie. I was 5 years old and glued to the T.V. when Speed was on.

Thanks to Larry and Andy Wachowski for making this movie and to all the skilled people it took to pull it together. It was fantastic to relive a bit of my youth along with my own kids.

So ignore the critics and go see this on the big screen. You won't regret it. I might even go back to watch it at an Imax Theatre.

R2D2, in the house.

R2D2 XVGA remote control ed projector. Has a Millennium Falcon remote control and makes R2D2 noises.


Slot Car Racer

9/11 Video Archive

Anyone who watched T.V. on 9/11 will remember the day.

I found it a little bit sickening and it truly seemed like a day where the world could change completely.

Now you can re-live it at archive.org I'm not sure that I want to go re-live the day, but it's a good thing that it's there. I'm not sure it will capture the feelings the same watching it in retrospect.

Round Ice Cubes for Scotch?

It's too hot in Ohio to drink Scotch straight up in the summer. So why not put a $187 round ice cube maker to use by dropping one in your Scotch?

They're seamless. come on...


Lowes BBQ Grillware

I've had my grill just over a year now and I really like it. But it has one serious problem. The charcoal grate doesn't let enough air in the bottom and doesn't let the ash fall away. I thought about modifying the rack, but instead, I just made a charcoal basket that lifts the charcoal off the bottom and lets the air flow through. Suddenly, the grill easily keeps a temperature of over 400 instead of struggling to get it up over 225.

Lowes, if your listening, this is a great grill with a minor modification. Get a new charcoal rack for this thing.