Predictions 2010

My 2009 predictions were not very good.  I could just go with them again this year.    The growth is in the handheld and probably the net book segments for the future.

Windows 7 will sell a few extra PCs this year as people retire XP.   I'll be surprised if Apple and Google pick up much of this market since they lack in corporate and games.

The Office applications market is ripe for the picking.    I'm stunned Open Office hasn't made more of an impact in corporate america looking to save a few bucks.   Perhaps Google Apps will begin to perform now that Chrome and Android is in place.

I've been disappointed with Google's handling of the consumer segment and continue to be amazed at Apple's.   The iPod Touch  and iPhone could be the platform that introduces millions of people to Apple.  Google certainly could make Android/Chrome the next OS, but I'm not sure they have the savvy.


Shirt for all college students.

Garmin Nuvi 1300

GPS is dirt cheap right now. Picked this up for xmas and it seems to work really well. Not overly impressed with Garmin's website and method of registering and updating, but I eventually got it to work. It's light, easy to see, and reads the street names out loud.


Tomato Pie


  • 4 tomatoes, peeled and sliced
  • 10 fresh basil leaves, chopped
  • 1/2 cup chopped green onion
  • 1 (9-inch) prebaked deep dish pie shell
  • 1 cup grated mozzarella
  • 1 cup grated cheddar
  • 1 cup mayonnaise
  • Salt and pepper


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
Place the tomatoes in a colander in the sink in 1 layer. Sprinkle with salt and allow to drain for 10 minutes.
Layer the tomato slices, basil, and onion in pie shell. Season with salt and pepper. Combine the grated cheeses and mayonnaise together. Spread mixture on top of the tomatoes and bake for 30 minutes or until lightly browned.
To serve, cut into slices and serve warm.


The goodness that is CF 9 and CFBuilder

  • Builder is interesting, not sure it will replace DreamWeaver?
  • ORM, yea!
  • EXT JS 3, haven't played with it yet, but it looks good.


Browser Comparison Chart, Get the Facts

This is the official page where MS compares IE8 to other browsers. It would be a great piece on The Onion. Somebody is going to get demoted for this one.

My Rankings :
  • Chrome wins: Security, Ease of Use, Privacy, Reliability, and Performance
  • Firefox wins: Developer Tools and my own special category of Interoperability (try running IE8 on linux).
  • IE8 wins: Nothing really. IE8 is a big improvement for MS but it doesn't stand out in any area. I'm happy that they have finally started to adhere to standards instead of inventing their own and that they threw in some developer tools. I actually use IE8 on a daily basis and it's o.k. But it won't keep people from switching to Chrome or Firefox.
Here is another opinion...


Hauppauge 950

So I bought the Haupauge 950. The Elgato is basically the same thing. This works great on the macbook and the setup was dead simple. The PC struggles and the software doesn't seem to work as well.

Mac Mini HD Media Center

Found this recipe in the Mac Forums. This is combo for a Mac Mini Media Center reportedly works well.
  • 1.83 GHz Mac Mini (Intel Core Duo, 512 MB RAM, 80GB HDD, SuperDrive, Mac OS 10.4, AirPort Extreme, Bluetooth 2.0, Apple Remote, Power Supply, Install/Restore DVDs, Printed & Electronic Documentation)
  • AcomData Mini Pal External Harddisk Drive (HDD) (7200 RPM, same footprint and design as the Mac Mini)
  • Elgato EyeTV 250 Plus ATSC/NTSC/QAM Tuner and Video Converter (with EyeTV 2 Software) OR the Elgato EyeTV Hybrid. The difference being the 250 has video compression built in. I'll go with the EyeTV Hybrid since I already have stand alone video compression.
  • Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard,Apple Wireless Bluetooth Mighty Mouse, (maybe the iPod Touch as remote?)
  • 6' DVI to HDMI cable
  • 6' Optical cable (with mini optical adapter that you'll need to get optical out of the Mac Mini) - for enjoying 5.1 Dolby Digital
  • Remote Buddy software (makes your apple remote incredibly more useful)
  • DisplayConfigX software (helps you get the output resolution of the mini perfectly calibrated for your HDTV)
Some of the reviews for the Elegato 250 are a little scary and I'm curious about the Silicon Dust HomeRun.


Query of Queries doesn't support DELETE

I love queries in Coldfusion.   Today I wanted to remove some rows from a Query so I just did a QoQ with a DELETE statement.   Doc's clearly state don't support DELETE.  

It took me a second, but the answer is simple,  don't DELETE the records you don't want,  SELECT the records you want back into the same query.

As a side note,  I was working with CFLDAP and Active Directory.   I was working on a test to make sure I don't lock out accounts if people are fat fingering or somebody is doing some sort of brut attack.    I discovered Active Directory has a field that reports the number of failed logins since the last successful login.


Ubuntu 9.04 Rocks 10 year old machine.

I had loaded Ubuntu 6 or something on this machine years ago but some memory went bad.   I picked up some cheap memory the other day, loaded 9.04 and it works great.   Detected my old Nvidia card.   Detected a 2wire USB wireless connection.

Just make sure you have all your hardware plugged in and powered up when you do the installation.


Microsoft Win 7 Message

I came across an interesting venn diagram a couple of times and it looks like the source is here: http://uxevangelist.blogspot.com/2009/05/windows-7-more-of-new-7.html

While microsoft may not always deliver the WOW, their marketing is often top notch.  

MS message strategy for Win 7 appears to be the following:
It Works  -> It's easy -> (Does What)  I Want  ->  That's Cool.

That is a great recipe. 


Jungle Jim's

If you go to north Cincinnati and have an hour or so to spend,  go to Jungle Jim's.   It is sort of a cross between Disneyland and Giant Eagle (or Piggly Wiggly if you're from the South).     The finest restroom in America is at Jungle Jim’s International Market in Fairfield, Ohio.


Something just change

Today at work we needed a threaded discussion in a hurry.   I loaded up Galleon Forums and gave a demo within an hour.   Management loved the price (free) and away we went.

This may not sound earth shattering,  but we could have done this years ago.   So to me, this indicates a big change in our management's thinking.


Adobe Coldfusion so awesome, even Gartner recognizes it....

Mark Driver recently published a Gartner analyst note on ColdFusion  which recommends that agencies and companies continue their investment in CF, as it has a strong future with Adobe and is continuing to grow its market.
"ColdFusion is nearly unique in the industry because it provides a balance of ease of use and advanced features that can support "entry level" business unit application developers, as well as "advanced" centralized IT development teams."
Coldfusion WAS the dot com boom but fell on some lean years as budgets got cut and competitors ramped up.   Adobe did great work with Coldfusion 8 and I'm really looking forward to Coldfusion 9.

If you need to develop web based solutions quickly, use a wide array of advanced features such as PDF forms, presentations and ajax and have them run reliably, you can't do better than Coldfusion 8.


Eliminating the site id and page in MURA

I didn't have as much time to work on MURA this week as I would have liked.   But I did mess around a bit trying to eliminate the site id and page from the URL's.

The instructions worked well enough, but they use a custom 404 to make sure CF picks up the request.



This is one of the most amazing free tools ever. It is a little overwhelming at first, but underneath is a sleak skeleton of solid well organized code and concepts.

Most impressive are :
  • the membership allowing you to create an extranet,
  • the "catagories" and areas of intrest meta data,
  • the amazing number of ways to reuse content.
  • and the plug-in architecture...
  • oh yea, IT'S FREE!

There are still some bugs and the documentation is barebones. But the API is well organized and that makes it easier.

This free software has huge potential as a content management system for the corporate and government market.


This is why the Internet was invented.

The most perfect SNL skit EVER:

Mura continues to grow

While changing the name from SAVA to MURA has slowed things down a bit, the newly released MURA and developer documentation gives us hope.

The Plug-in is the secret to expanding the product.   The Plug-in architecture exposes selected events and allows the developer to insert their own code.

Between the documentation, the forums, and some poking around I could figure it out.   It looks like "user groups" are just fancy types of users and you add user groups just like a user.

Today,  I developed an LDAP authentication plugin.  It's not full featured and tailored just to my needs, but works nicely.

The forums showed me how to add users and content via the api in MURA.


cfGrid, CSS and Custom Date Rendering...

CSS for center align a column: .x-grid-col-2 { text-align:center;

Columns are numbered left to right.  Cells seem to all use the same class.

Sql Server was returning Date Times and I only wanted Dates and I found this code for a customer date renderer very helpful.

setDateRenderer = function(){
mygrid = ColdFusion.Grid.getGridObject('GridName');
cm = mygrid.getColumnModel();
cm.setRenderer(1, Ext.util.Format.dateRenderer('l, F d, Y'));
cm.setRenderer(2, Ext.util.Format.dateRenderer('l, F d, Y'));

I think I found the date formats in the EXT documentation.

queryconvertforgrid() in Coldfusion 8

I have been using ajax a lot more lately on an app I'm working on.   Coldfusion 8 has really made the hard stuff easier but you still have to learn quite a bit about JavaScript.

I only just realized that  the queryconvertforgrid() function takes care of paging for you so you don't send all that data back to the grid.  (I had thought I was sending the whole data set back to the page and it was being paged in the grid...)

After I finish with the ajax, it's back to SAVA.

I Want To Believe

Interesting goings on.   Is this video taken at O'Hare airport of a craft from another world?  Or is it a fake?

How about this pic of a triangular craft  sent to the UFO Casebook?  Alien Craft or Top Secret Military plane Aurora ?


cf8 Ajax controls overlapping GOTCHA

Ran into this today as I put a bunch of calendar and autosuggest CFINPUTs in a CFFORM.   Surround each cfinput in a DIV with a z-index value.   The lower down the screen, the lower the number.  This means the drop downs on the top of the page will overlap the inputs below them.

Something like:  style="position:relative;z-index:1;"


onRequest() in application.cfc GOTCHA

If you read the docs it spells it out
Implement this method only if the following are true:
The directory, and any subdirectories affected by this Application.cfc contain CFM files and do not contain any CFC files that are intended to be accessed as web services, using Flash Remoting, or using an event gateway.
I often put my CFCs in a subdirectory under the application during development and I always forget this.   The remote access is needed for the AJAX functionality.


This is why America gets its news from a comedy show.


SAVA CMS: Users, Groups and Permissions

This is an area that works very well, but I think the documentation and the Administrative Interface make harder to understand. You can read about these topics in Sava Forums, but below is my understanding of it....

  1. Users = accounts and are Administrative or Site Members.
  2. Groups can be created and users added.
  3. Permissions to edit, view etc. are granted to GROUPS and not ACCOUNTS.

Some confusing areas:
  • the Administrative Users and the "Site Members" are administered in completely different areas.
  • You can't list all users. You can only list users in a group. If you create a user but don't put them in a group, you can have difficulty finding them. I would recommend creating some default groups and make sure you add Administrative users to a group.
  • I think there might be some default groups or accounts that don't show up.
  • It would be nice to have a default "everyone" group maybe.

There are basically 2 types of Users. Administrative and Site Members.

Administrative Users:
  • This includes Super Admins right down to authors and editors.
  • Users are promoted here by the Action of an Admin.
  • Users with any rights to publish etc. should be put here.
  • Administrative Groups can be assigned Permissions to nodes in the site tree.
  • You manage them by using the "Administrative Users" menu option in the Upper Right Hand Corner. (I found this separation from the site members confusing).

Site Members:
  • Can be allowed to SELF REGISTER.
  • Site Customization can be driven by the account
  • Site Members can identify "Areas of Interest" or Catagories.
  • Site Members can sign up for Mailings.
  • You manage them by using the Site Members.

I probably have not done this topic justice. It is very powerful combination.

Sava CMS: Catagories and Content Collections

Categories: (I think these may also be referred to as "Areas of Interest" as well?)
  • Added as Meta Data to Content (yes/no check box).
  • simplifies creating Content Collection (RSS Feed, Sidebar lists).
  • simplifies creating Navigation?
  • Site Members can list as Area of Interest in their profile.

Content Collections: (think of it as RSS and Lists)
  • Creates a Filter based on Content Meta Data (including Catagories from above).
  • Can create a filter based upon navigation branch of the site.
  • Can add Remote RSS as a Content Collection (register remote RSS feeds for use on the site).
  • Content Providers can select the Collections under the "Content Objects" tab when creating or editing content.    THIS ALLOWS PUBLISHERS TO INCLUDE LISTS CREATED IN CONTENT COLLECTIONS TO ANY PAGE.  (sorry about the all-caps).
These are very powerful tools.   The ability for publishers to build a page from these "Content Objects" is really great.


Gold Panning Black Hills South Dakota

Several Black Hills streams in that are due west of Rapid City, from Custer in the South to Lead and Deadwood in the North area. An interesting area is Castle Creek, Hoodoo Gulch, Crooked Gulch, and Chinese Hill all of which are near Mystic.

Along the banks of French Creek in Custer County.


Sava, what I learned this week...

Sava can host multiple sites on the same database.  Once you have it installed, you can add another site.   Each site is contained in a subdirectory with its own settigs, include files, etc.   You have to differentiate betweens sites using Domain Name.  So I used Localhost and

The page is built off a templates.  Templates contain custom sava tags to include dynamic information from SAVA CMS and the static code for things that are common across all pages.   Content providers can associate additional information.   Templates and  other settings appear to be inherited by their children.


Sava CMS is the future

In my day job I am responsible for overseeing a lot of content from a lot of different sources and different types. Content Management Systems are critical to keeping things organized. Over the years I have looked and tried just about every one out there. Especially the free and open source.

I have only just taken a first look at Sava CMS but it blew me away. I have never seen such a full featured and solid feeling on a free and open source CMS.

If you have a need for content management on your website, check out SAVA CMS .


Predictions for 2009 Netbooks, Chrome, Google

Recession will pressure IT to trim the fat.   Look for Netbooks to be a hit in the home in 2009 (especially by next Christmas), and then the office (maybe not the office until 2010?).    Google's Chrome, Android and Desktop could hitch a ride on Netbooks growing popularity.  Open Office as well?

Apple TV and Apple Mini are sleepers waiting to happen.

Everywhere Girl

The Inquirer has run a series of stories about the "Everywhere Girl", a model thus referred to by the publication due to stock photos of her appearing in a large number of different advertisements, particularly advertisements of technology companies.

There is a book in the works and you can see many of the places her face appears at this web site: http://blog.ideeinc.com/2008/01/22/everywhere-girl-the-book/ 

And of course,  you can visit her blog .