Predictions for 2009 Netbooks, Chrome, Google

Recession will pressure IT to trim the fat.   Look for Netbooks to be a hit in the home in 2009 (especially by next Christmas), and then the office (maybe not the office until 2010?).    Google's Chrome, Android and Desktop could hitch a ride on Netbooks growing popularity.  Open Office as well?

Apple TV and Apple Mini are sleepers waiting to happen.

Everywhere Girl

The Inquirer has run a series of stories about the "Everywhere Girl", a model thus referred to by the publication due to stock photos of her appearing in a large number of different advertisements, particularly advertisements of technology companies.

There is a book in the works and you can see many of the places her face appears at this web site: http://blog.ideeinc.com/2008/01/22/everywhere-girl-the-book/ 

And of course,  you can visit her blog .