Sava CMS: Catagories and Content Collections

Categories: (I think these may also be referred to as "Areas of Interest" as well?)
  • Added as Meta Data to Content (yes/no check box).
  • simplifies creating Content Collection (RSS Feed, Sidebar lists).
  • simplifies creating Navigation?
  • Site Members can list as Area of Interest in their profile.

Content Collections: (think of it as RSS and Lists)
  • Creates a Filter based on Content Meta Data (including Catagories from above).
  • Can create a filter based upon navigation branch of the site.
  • Can add Remote RSS as a Content Collection (register remote RSS feeds for use on the site).
  • Content Providers can select the Collections under the "Content Objects" tab when creating or editing content.    THIS ALLOWS PUBLISHERS TO INCLUDE LISTS CREATED IN CONTENT COLLECTIONS TO ANY PAGE.  (sorry about the all-caps).
These are very powerful tools.   The ability for publishers to build a page from these "Content Objects" is really great.

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