Microsoft Win 7 Message

I came across an interesting venn diagram a couple of times and it looks like the source is here: http://uxevangelist.blogspot.com/2009/05/windows-7-more-of-new-7.html

While microsoft may not always deliver the WOW, their marketing is often top notch.  

MS message strategy for Win 7 appears to be the following:
It Works  -> It's easy -> (Does What)  I Want  ->  That's Cool.

That is a great recipe. 


Jungle Jim's

If you go to north Cincinnati and have an hour or so to spend,  go to Jungle Jim's.   It is sort of a cross between Disneyland and Giant Eagle (or Piggly Wiggly if you're from the South).     The finest restroom in America is at Jungle Jim’s International Market in Fairfield, Ohio.


Something just change

Today at work we needed a threaded discussion in a hurry.   I loaded up Galleon Forums and gave a demo within an hour.   Management loved the price (free) and away we went.

This may not sound earth shattering,  but we could have done this years ago.   So to me, this indicates a big change in our management's thinking.


Adobe Coldfusion so awesome, even Gartner recognizes it....

Mark Driver recently published a Gartner analyst note on ColdFusion  which recommends that agencies and companies continue their investment in CF, as it has a strong future with Adobe and is continuing to grow its market.
"ColdFusion is nearly unique in the industry because it provides a balance of ease of use and advanced features that can support "entry level" business unit application developers, as well as "advanced" centralized IT development teams."
Coldfusion WAS the dot com boom but fell on some lean years as budgets got cut and competitors ramped up.   Adobe did great work with Coldfusion 8 and I'm really looking forward to Coldfusion 9.

If you need to develop web based solutions quickly, use a wide array of advanced features such as PDF forms, presentations and ajax and have them run reliably, you can't do better than Coldfusion 8.


Eliminating the site id and page in MURA

I didn't have as much time to work on MURA this week as I would have liked.   But I did mess around a bit trying to eliminate the site id and page from the URL's.

The instructions worked well enough, but they use a custom 404 to make sure CF picks up the request.



This is one of the most amazing free tools ever. It is a little overwhelming at first, but underneath is a sleak skeleton of solid well organized code and concepts.

Most impressive are :
  • the membership allowing you to create an extranet,
  • the "catagories" and areas of intrest meta data,
  • the amazing number of ways to reuse content.
  • and the plug-in architecture...
  • oh yea, IT'S FREE!

There are still some bugs and the documentation is barebones. But the API is well organized and that makes it easier.

This free software has huge potential as a content management system for the corporate and government market.


This is why the Internet was invented.

The most perfect SNL skit EVER:

Mura continues to grow

While changing the name from SAVA to MURA has slowed things down a bit, the newly released MURA and developer documentation gives us hope.

The Plug-in is the secret to expanding the product.   The Plug-in architecture exposes selected events and allows the developer to insert their own code.

Between the documentation, the forums, and some poking around I could figure it out.   It looks like "user groups" are just fancy types of users and you add user groups just like a user.

Today,  I developed an LDAP authentication plugin.  It's not full featured and tailored just to my needs, but works nicely.

The forums showed me how to add users and content via the api in MURA.