Adobe Coldfusion so awesome, even Gartner recognizes it....

Mark Driver recently published a Gartner analyst note on ColdFusion  which recommends that agencies and companies continue their investment in CF, as it has a strong future with Adobe and is continuing to grow its market.
"ColdFusion is nearly unique in the industry because it provides a balance of ease of use and advanced features that can support "entry level" business unit application developers, as well as "advanced" centralized IT development teams."
Coldfusion WAS the dot com boom but fell on some lean years as budgets got cut and competitors ramped up.   Adobe did great work with Coldfusion 8 and I'm really looking forward to Coldfusion 9.

If you need to develop web based solutions quickly, use a wide array of advanced features such as PDF forms, presentations and ajax and have them run reliably, you can't do better than Coldfusion 8.

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