SAVA CMS: Users, Groups and Permissions

This is an area that works very well, but I think the documentation and the Administrative Interface make harder to understand. You can read about these topics in Sava Forums, but below is my understanding of it....

  1. Users = accounts and are Administrative or Site Members.
  2. Groups can be created and users added.
  3. Permissions to edit, view etc. are granted to GROUPS and not ACCOUNTS.

Some confusing areas:
  • the Administrative Users and the "Site Members" are administered in completely different areas.
  • You can't list all users. You can only list users in a group. If you create a user but don't put them in a group, you can have difficulty finding them. I would recommend creating some default groups and make sure you add Administrative users to a group.
  • I think there might be some default groups or accounts that don't show up.
  • It would be nice to have a default "everyone" group maybe.

There are basically 2 types of Users. Administrative and Site Members.

Administrative Users:
  • This includes Super Admins right down to authors and editors.
  • Users are promoted here by the Action of an Admin.
  • Users with any rights to publish etc. should be put here.
  • Administrative Groups can be assigned Permissions to nodes in the site tree.
  • You manage them by using the "Administrative Users" menu option in the Upper Right Hand Corner. (I found this separation from the site members confusing).

Site Members:
  • Can be allowed to SELF REGISTER.
  • Site Customization can be driven by the account
  • Site Members can identify "Areas of Interest" or Catagories.
  • Site Members can sign up for Mailings.
  • You manage them by using the Site Members.

I probably have not done this topic justice. It is very powerful combination.

Sava CMS: Catagories and Content Collections

Categories: (I think these may also be referred to as "Areas of Interest" as well?)
  • Added as Meta Data to Content (yes/no check box).
  • simplifies creating Content Collection (RSS Feed, Sidebar lists).
  • simplifies creating Navigation?
  • Site Members can list as Area of Interest in their profile.

Content Collections: (think of it as RSS and Lists)
  • Creates a Filter based on Content Meta Data (including Catagories from above).
  • Can create a filter based upon navigation branch of the site.
  • Can add Remote RSS as a Content Collection (register remote RSS feeds for use on the site).
  • Content Providers can select the Collections under the "Content Objects" tab when creating or editing content.    THIS ALLOWS PUBLISHERS TO INCLUDE LISTS CREATED IN CONTENT COLLECTIONS TO ANY PAGE.  (sorry about the all-caps).
These are very powerful tools.   The ability for publishers to build a page from these "Content Objects" is really great.


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Sava, what I learned this week...

Sava can host multiple sites on the same database.  Once you have it installed, you can add another site.   Each site is contained in a subdirectory with its own settigs, include files, etc.   You have to differentiate betweens sites using Domain Name.  So I used Localhost and

The page is built off a templates.  Templates contain custom sava tags to include dynamic information from SAVA CMS and the static code for things that are common across all pages.   Content providers can associate additional information.   Templates and  other settings appear to be inherited by their children.


Sava CMS is the future

In my day job I am responsible for overseeing a lot of content from a lot of different sources and different types. Content Management Systems are critical to keeping things organized. Over the years I have looked and tried just about every one out there. Especially the free and open source.

I have only just taken a first look at Sava CMS but it blew me away. I have never seen such a full featured and solid feeling on a free and open source CMS.

If you have a need for content management on your website, check out SAVA CMS .