Predictions 2010

My 2009 predictions were not very good.  I could just go with them again this year.    The growth is in the handheld and probably the net book segments for the future.

Windows 7 will sell a few extra PCs this year as people retire XP.   I'll be surprised if Apple and Google pick up much of this market since they lack in corporate and games.

The Office applications market is ripe for the picking.    I'm stunned Open Office hasn't made more of an impact in corporate america looking to save a few bucks.   Perhaps Google Apps will begin to perform now that Chrome and Android is in place.

I've been disappointed with Google's handling of the consumer segment and continue to be amazed at Apple's.   The iPod Touch  and iPhone could be the platform that introduces millions of people to Apple.  Google certainly could make Android/Chrome the next OS, but I'm not sure they have the savvy.


Shirt for all college students.

Garmin Nuvi 1300

GPS is dirt cheap right now. Picked this up for xmas and it seems to work really well. Not overly impressed with Garmin's website and method of registering and updating, but I eventually got it to work. It's light, easy to see, and reads the street names out loud.