Do people know the future?

Sounds ridiculous. But the science may be sound?. Spooky....



MURA 5.3, it just keeps getting better

Soft delete and drag and drop ordering would have been enough, but there is a whole lot of other goodies included too.

I don't know how these guys do what they do.


Using the Mura Tag in a Content Collection Advanced Filter

If you have the MURA Tag enabled, you can use it in an advanced filter. Don't think that is actually documented anywhere.


Busy Busy

Been very busy this month.  David graduated from Ohio Wesleyan and we took Alma to Niagra Falls.


Mura Navigation Note...

I think all the nav's ignore the root and the first level pages as stated in the Standard Nav. The Site Map works however.
  • Standard Nav - Outputs Current Page, it's children and all it's peers in a list/nested list. It automatically omits all top level items because the assumption is that you will have some sort of Primary Navigation and it would be redundant to include in two places. Since there's no way for us to know how deep any site is going to be and navigation quickly becomes unusable once it gets deeper than 3 levels, the standard nav is relative to where you are in the site. As a result, it works best to pair it with the Breadcrumb Navigation so the user knows where they are in relation to the homepage.
  • Portal Nav - Same as Standard Nav but does not output any children of a portal. This is useful for "News" or "Press Release" portals where you might have a large number of children and would blow up your nav if you used the standard nav.
  • Peer Nav - Exactly what it sounds like. Outputs links to all item on the same level that you are on.
  • Sub Nav - Outputs links to any children of the Page you are on.
  • Sequential Nav - Outputs a numbered sequential list of items that live in a portal. This useful for "tours" and such.


MURA CMS Examples of Groups and Users...

Sorry the formatting is messed up, Never posted code in blogger before I guess.

<!--- GROUPS --->


<cfset myGroup = application.userManager.readByGroupName('myGroupName','mySiteId',false)/>

<cfdump label="myGroup" var="#myGroup#">

<!--- getUserId() always returns an ID, use getIsNew() to tes if it's a new group or an existing group --->

<cfset myGroupID = myGroup.getUserId()/>

<cfdump label="myGroupID" var="#myGroupID#">

<cfset myGroupAllValues = myGroup.getAllValues()/>

<cfdump label="myGroupAllValues" var="#myGroupAllValues#">

<cfset membersIterator = myGroup.getMembersIterator()/>

<cfdump label="membersIterator" var="#membersIterator#">

<!--- getting users that belong to a group --->

<cfset membersQuery = myGroup.getMembersQuery()/>

<cfdump label="membersQuery" var="#membersQuery#">

<!--- USER INFO --->


<cfset myUserBean=application.userManager.readByUsername("myUserName","mySiteId")>

<cfdump label="myUserBean" var="#myUserBean#">

<cfset myUserBeanAllValues = myUserBean.getAllValues()/>

<cfdump label="myUserBeanAllValues" var="#myUserBeanAllValues#">

<!--- getUserId() always returns an ID, use getIsNew() to tes if it's a new group or an existing group --->

<cfset myUserBeanId = myUserBean.getUserID()>

<cfdump label="myUserBeanId" var="myUserBeanId">

<!--- check users memberships (getting groups user belongs too)--->

<cfset rsMemberships = application.userManager.readMemberships(myUserBeanId)>

<cfdump label="rsMemberships" var="#rsMemberships#">


Email without Registratrion

I think you can use Google, but here is a simplier solution ...

10 minute mail... http://10minutemail.com/10MinuteMail/


iPad Prediction

Huge hit. Changes everything.

Sure version 1 doesn't have a camera, but you can add those in ver. 3

It is a computing appliance that does 99% of what you need.


Predictions 2010, Part Deux

3d TV;

Is it?

  • No one will want to wear the glasses
  • No content
  • Added expense
Or is it?
  • Gaming, sports, plenty of content
  • All T.V.s are 3D.  Adding 3D to a TV costs nearly nothing.  All TV's will be 3D so all you need is the glasses.   
  • Glasses get dirt cheap.   Can buy a pair for $15 at Target.  Having a party?  Tell your guests to remember their Sony 3d shades.
I'm going with 3D is here to stay.   It won't sell anymore TVs but it may sell more glasses.


Publish to blog from Google Docs

Publish to blog from Google Docs

Google keeps updating all the time and Google Docs is a lot of interest to me.   I just discovered that you can publish from Google Docs to your blog.  How about that?