AVCHD - iMovie 11 - Toast Titanium = BluRay

Here's the workflow I use from a Sony HD AVCHD camera to Blu-Ray disk.

  1. import from camera into iMovie without compression.
  2. Create movie.
  3. Share, Export Movie, 1080p
  4. Wait while it exports
  5. I'm using LG BE12 external blu-ray disc burner .  While it's not recognized by the Mac, Toast does recognize it if it's turned on before toast is loaded.
  6. Open Toast, create blu ray project and add the exported file
  7. Click the edit button in Toast and the Video tab to check that chapters are being inserted every so often.   Chapter markers don't seem to be exported or they are not imported or something.
  8. I haven't figured out how to prevent Toast from re-encoding the exported movie.   So it takes days to burn a 2 hour disc start to finish.

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