Coldfusion 10, IIS 7.5, and Problems

couple of issues that I haven't been able to find out much about.

  1. Error Pages.    IIS 7.5 treats error pages from Cf as "detailed" error pages so they only show up on the server.   
  2. Webservices with long content crash the application pool.   Still looking into this, but it looks like if you send a long string in a web service it crashes the IIS application pool.   I think it might be a bug in the isapi_redirect.dll that shipped with CF10?  

Adding Coldfusion 10 instances to IIS Gotcha.

The Web Server Connector tool in the Windows start menu for ColdFusion 10 will only allow you to connect websites to the CFUSION (main) instance. If you want to connect a site to a different instance, you'll need to run the connector tool located in the new instance's directory from the cmd line.

{cf install root}\NewInstance\runtime\bin\wsconfig.exe

As a note,  when you start wsconfig.exe in the new instance directory,  it looks just the same.   After you're done, you can see which instance is associated with each web site in the Web Site Configuration Tool.   It should have something like:

[localhost:NewInstance] Internet Information Server (IIS) : Website

Thanks to Michael Sprague for the insights  http://www.webtrenches.com/post.cfm/coldfusion-10-instances-and-web-server-connector


IIS 7 and ColdFusion 10 Auth_User / Remote_User blank

Thanks to KEVLAR in the Adobe Forums for figuring this out. Upgraded to CF 10 and suddenly cgi.Auth_User was blank. If Windows Authentication is set on the folder level it MUST be enabled at the server level before it will populate the CGI variables throughout the application. So the server level has both anonymous and windows authentication enabled and the folder that is restricted has anonymous disabled and windows authentication enabled.